Why Choose Us

We know the Jewelry industry inside and out!
Our founder grew up in the Jewelry industry; he began the Yummy digital ad agency in 2009 while owning a family owned IJO storefront with shocking success. While average marketing companies are foreign to the industry terms, designers, and niches, we have them imbedded in our daily routine. We are not web designers posing as Optimizers, we are true html Search Engine Optimizers, this is rare and it shows in our results.

We have optimized many sites and we know what to do with google, we are eager to learn more and get you ranked on Google for the proper keywords queries.

1. 100% white hat SEO
2. Fast results (45-60 days)
3. Unlimited keywords per URL
4. Custom back-link infrastructure
5. Money back Guarantee
6. Local and National rankings

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