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SEO for Retail Jewelry Success

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Staying true to the name, our team specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for jewelers. We combine a range of white hat SEO and digital marketing strategies with our extensive expertise in the jewelry trade. Our company was founded by a family-owned jewelry business which achieved wild success by embracing online marketing strategies. Since then, our mission has always been to help independent jewelers and designers build a luminous brand presence online and achieve the same success that our company has enjoyed.

How SEO helps your business

The jewelry industry in the U.S. is ever glittering. But itâs also dynamic â shifts in consumer habits and trends have a major influence on the jewelry market. The handmade jewelry niche, for instance, has made a significant impact on the state of the jewelry market, especially in recent times.

The jewelry market, in general, has also become increasingly saturated, as brands and independent jewelers continue to embrace digital technology to gain a competitive edge. Jewelry businesses have to keep up, or miss out of opportunities for growth â these days, the way to do that is through SEO.

Like the fine art of jewelry making, SEO and digital marketing blend science, art, and hard work, to keep your brand up-to-speed with this ever-evolving, ever-dazzling realm. But, if you want your jewelry brand to shine bright above the rest, you best go with a service that understands your business.

As your trusted SEO provider for your jewelry line, we offer you the best of both worlds: in-depth knowledge and skill in the arena of digital marketing, as well as a deeply-rooted understanding of the jewelry industry.

How We Do It

An effective e-commerce site should not outshine its stock. Our SEO and digital marketing strategies are like the intricate and sturdy metalwork that encases and shows off the gem â your business. We make sure that your collections, and your name, reach the computers and mobile screens of potential customers, and that your website does justice to these. No matter how saturated the jewelry industry is or may become, effective SEO and digital marketing present new opportunities for your business to stand out and be found.

Our SEO experts incorporate a range of tools and strategies, from in-depth keyword research, powerful link building, networking with industry influencers, to generating compelling content. Our team stays on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates and re-orients strategies in accordance with these developments. We take search ranking factors to heart and develop our strategies around them.

3 months after hiring you guys, the phone just rings and the door opens.

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SEO For Jewelers was the best marketing decision we made in 2015, within 90 days we were not only competing but beating the box box stores for critical keywords searched everyday.

Alex Wassif

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Our Process


A successful on-page SEO campaign focuses on improving the performance of individual web pages. This technique makes sure that the content, structure, and design of each page is SEO-friendly.

Detection Mechanism

SEO is also about sending the right instructions to search engine algorithms. We put mechanisms in place so search engines can detect your relevant backlink infrastructure as quickly as possible upon a userâs query.


Off-page SEO helps bring in relevant traffic to your website, which ultimately improves your websiteâs ranking. SEO gives a good backlink boost to your site.


Monthly reports tell which web pages are performing well on certain keywords. With the data at hand, you can make wiser decisions and set actionable goals for your SEO campaigns.

SEO Protocol

SEO protocols are an important component in executing campaigns. By conforming to protocols laid out by search engines like Google and Bing, your web pages will be more visible.

Custom Backlink Infrastructure

Backlinks generate valuable traffic to websites. Backlinks come from blogs and external mentions of your brand, and these help build your credibility with search engines. But to build backlinks that convince and convert customers, quality should be prioritized over quantity.

More Customers

A good combination of these techniques translates to more website traffic and more customers, which ultimately leads to increased revenue for your jewelry business. Explore our SEO services for jewelers or get in touch with us, today.

Proven Results

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