Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks are the most important factor of off-page SEO. In fact, if your website is not ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), there’s a big chance that you’re falling short on quality backlinks.Google and other search engines take inbound links as a sign of your website’s (therefore also your business’) credibility. This means that if you have a number of inbound links from high-ranking websites or blogs, search engines will recognize you as an authority in the jewelry industry.


Unlike on-page SEO, link-building is a technique of building authoritative and relevant links from external sites into your website. But while link building is one of the most important assets of marketers, it’s also one of the trickiest. In fact, it’s a long, arduous process which requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

At SEOforJewelers, we utilize an array of link building tactics, including networking and building relationships with influential bloggers in the jewelry industry, guest blogging, and sending press releases to distribution services. With our range of off-page services and extensive network in the industry, we’ll make sure your business stays on the radar.

Social Media

Social media offers a direct way of building inbound links. The more engagement you have on your business’ social media pages, the bigger your chances of generating inbound links will be. But like other link building platforms, social media must be used wisely.

Google’s recent Panda update, which has included social cues as an important factor when ranking websites, signifies that social media marketing will become even bigger in the very near future. Recently, we have seen more and more jewelers and retailers embracing social media in their marketing strategies because there’s simply no reason not to.

Moreover, our team will make sure that our off-page efforts are in sync with your website’s content. In SEO, the marriage of both tactics is what drives real results. Without relevant and compelling content, link building will be nothing more than bait.

If you’re looking for a company that offers results-driven on-page and off-page services for jewelers, you’ve come to the right place. We can put your business and products right where they need to be. Talk to our team today.